John W. Finn Aviation Ordnancemen of the year 2020 Runner-up

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN69)

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Marcus E. Spencer enlisted in the United States Navy in 2018.

After graduating from Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, IL in November 2008 and from Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) Aviation Ordnanceman (AO). A" School in January 2009; and reported to the newly commissioned USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH (CVN 77). As a member of the 74-magazine series, he loaded and downloaded the Linkless Ammunitions Loading System III, conducted wall-to-wall inventories, and completed two Weapons onloads and one offload and after six months he was promoted to Third Class Petty Officer. In 2011 he was advanced to Second Class Petty Officer and moved to 84 magazine series as the Leading Petty Officer (LPO). There he led over 50 bomb builds in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, earning his position as a Quality Assurance/ Safety Observer.

In 2013 he arrived at his second duty station, NATTC Pensacola, where he served as an AO "A" School Instructor. There he was involved in simultaneously developing

new accession Sailors and his peers.  He instructed 931 Sailors and Marines through 1,100 course curriculum hours and maintained an attrition rate of less than one percent.  In his last year at NATTC, he advanced to Petty Officer First Class and was designated as a Master Training Specialist Program Mentor.  Additionally, he served as the Association of Aviation Ordnanceman Chapter 34 Secretary.

Petty Officer Spencer reported to his current command, USS DWIGHT D.  EISENHOWER (CVN 69) in January of 2017, initially serving in G-3 Division as a Forward Magazine Supervisor before being selected by the Ordnance Handling Officer to lead G-5 as the

LPO. The following year AO I became the G-1 LPO, leading eight First Class Petty Officers and 70 junior Sailors in the upkeep and maintenance of six magazines, 17 ordnance lockers, and 2,540 Armament Weapons Support Equipment assets. His final accomplishment before heading to Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) was the safe and efficient onload of

2.4 million pounds of ordnance.

Today AO l displays his versatility while serving as a Quality Assurance Representative in AIMD Quality Assurance where he has also earned his Collateral Duty Inspector in the 731 and 710 work centers. His collaterals duties on board IKE include: AAO Chapter 69 President, Command Mentorship Coordinator, Assistant Command Financial Specialist, Departmental Sponsorship Coordinator, Departmental Security Manager, Quality Assurance/Safety Officer, Qual/Cert Board Member, Weapons Training Team, and Gunnery Liaison Officer.

AO1 Spencer has been awarded three Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals, three Good Conduct Awards, and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. He has also earned various unit citations and a Grey Belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts.